Mayfield Village in Brampton: 4 Model Homes Now Open

Mayfield Village in Brampton: 4 Model Homes Now Open

Small Town Charm & Modern Urban Housing make Mayfield Village the right choice to buy a new Home!

Although it is located in a beautiful village near Brampton at Dixie Road and Countryside Drive, Mayfield Village has an urban feel to it. This new home community is a brilliant addition to the new home developments in North Brampton. Beautifully designed modern new homes featuring innovative architecture and modern interiors are the essence of Mayfield. You can choose from Live/Work Towns, Townhomes, Semis and 32', 38' and 45' Single detached new homes depending on your needs and budget.

At Regal Crest Homes, we aim to build modern houses that have cutting-edge designs but still 'feel like home'. Mayfield Village is perfect example of that. Located in a serene area, the community promises an urban lifestyle with all the essential amenities like libraries, shopping malls, parks, community centres, theatres, golf courses, schools and a hospitals close by. Mayfield Village allows you to live a comfortable life in a very tranquil environment.

Mayfield Village preserves small town charm and culture while embracing new development. The urbanization has been planned very strategically, conserving the picturesque beauty and the natural surroundings by protecting the prime woodlots and wetlands. A naturalized water channel is a top attraction in the new Brampton community of Mayfield Village. This neighbourhood is naturally magnificent with beautiful streetscapes adding comfort and convenience to the lifestyle of the residents.

Classic living with a modern touch is what you can expect when you decide to buy a new home in Mayfield Village. Call our Mayfield Village Sales Office at 905-230-6182 for more details about the community.

Since writing this blog, Mayfield Village has sold out.

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