Best in Class

Best in Class

Top Notch Brampton Schools near Cleave View Estates

When you choose to raise your family at Cleave View Estates, you can rest assured that some of the best educational opportunities for your family are within close proximity to your home. Located at Mississauga Road just north of Queen Street in Brampton, a number of top institutions within Peel Region are only a short walk, drive or bus ride from this wonderful new home community. We have compiled a list of some of the best public, Catholic, elementary, secondary and private schools in the area so that you can find the right school for you and your family.

Elementary Schools

James Potter Public School - Kindergarten to Grade 5

The motto at James Potter Public School is “Dream, Believe, Achieve.” They focus on providing and promoting a safe and inclusive learning community while offering a wide range of extracurricular activities to students. With a broad variety of clubs and teams, they encourage students to celebrate achievements and work to their highest potential. Parents are encouraged to be involved through school events such as family fitness night, math night, a school barbeque and more.

Ingleborough Public School – Kindergarten to Grade 8

Ingleborough Public School welcomes students from kindergarten to grade 8 and offer both English and French Immersion programs as well as full-day kindergarten. Since opening in 2012, they have worked to instill their philosophy, “The Leader in Me”, in all students by focusing on leadership, teamwork and character education. They embrace technology and have aimed to build a foundation for students and their families by establishing an active school council and developing strong partnerships with everyone within the school community.

Lorenville Public School – Kindergarten to Grade 8

The Lorenville Lynx embrace their motto, “Building It Together”, by emphasizing the importance of community and collaboration. They encourage students, parents and staff to be lifelong learners, a journey on which they are happy to help them embark. Their aim is to help the people who make up the Lorenville community to feel inspired, valued, respected and to instill a sense of empathy for others by providing a supportive and inclusive environment.

Huttonville Public School & Community Centre - Kindergarten to Grade 8

Honest and Responsible, Always Respectful, Working Cooperatively and Inclusively, Keep Caring – these are the qualities that the staff at Huttonville Public School hopes to instill in the Huttonville HAWKS. Dating back to 1938, Huttonville Public School has gone from being a small, rural school to being one that has made room for the rapidly growing community around them. “Learning to Learn” is the mission behind this school community. They firmly believe that every student has the right to an inclusive and caring environment in which they can learn and cultivate their potential.

Private Schools

Brampton – Georgetown Montessori School

The Brampton-Georgetown Montessori School covers the educational needs of students ranging from 18 months all the way to 12 years-old. A well-balanced academic program prepares them to succeed both in the classroom and at home. Their education will equip them to grow intellectually, emotionally and socially while giving them the content and materials they will need to thrive as an adult. With an engaging curriculum that includes French language instruction, the staff at Brampton-Georgetown Montessori aim to embody the philosophy established by Dr. Montessori herself - “always to keep burning that light which is called intelligence.”

Walden International - Kindergarten to Grade 6

Walden International School is Brampton’s first and only international baccalaureate program. The school describes their mission as being, “committed to fostering independent, self-reliant learners in a nature-centric environment.” The curriculum is top tier with a truly unique focus on student and faculty wellness, teaching students respect and harmony for themselves and others and achieving a peaceful and sustainable future.

Secondary Schools

St. Roch Catholic School – Grade 9 to Grade 12

St. Roch Catholic Secondary School’s motto is “Light of the World… Light of the Mind.” The school serves grades 9-12 and is home to the Regional Arts Program with specialized curriculum in Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Media Arts and Vocal Music. The school hosts an in-school TV station that is run by the students and is broadcasted in classrooms throughout the school. The show is broadcasted bi-weekly and highlights monthly stories, important events and team sport updates.

David Suzuki Secondary School – Grade 9 to Grade 12

David Suzuki Secondary School offers a number of special opportunities for the grade 9-12 students that make up the community. Named after environmental activist David Suzuki, the school is host to a specialized curriculum that is rich in environmental studies and models sustainable practices. In addition to the environmental programs, they also offer a Sports Specialist High Skills Major program for young athletes.

Universities Near Brampton

Post-Secondary Schools

Sheridan College Brampton Campus

Sheridan College, since it was established in 1967, has grown from a small local college to being one of Ontario’s leading postsecondary institutions. With a number of programs in the arts, business, community service, health, technology, and the skilled trades, Sheridan’s alumni graduate and go on to help shape the world. Their Creative Campus approach gives students the tools they need to have a successful and fulfilling future.

University of Toronto Mississauga

Only 15km southeast on Mississauga Road is The University of Toronto Mississauga. Established in 1967, The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) campus started as a single temporary academic building. It has now grown to be the second-largest division of Canada’s largest university. It now hosts 14,544 undergraduate students, 904 graduate students and over 3,700 full- and part-time employees. UTM has 155 programs and 95 areas of study, making it an ideal choice for students who are looking to stay close to home while they study.

With the vast array of schools surrounding Cleave View Estates, you can be confident in knowing that your children will receive the highest level of education available. To learn more about this wonderful community, please visit our community page and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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